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Phone Sleep Solution - $399

This step up package includes everything in the Email Sleep Solution, including the 20+ page customized sleep plan and also a total of two hours over the week of phone consultations, in which we will discuss how well your progress is going and if any changes need to be implemented to help you succeed in your sleep goals.

  • Start by filling out our in-depth questionnaire that covers details including your little ones' personality, dietary needs, and sleep environment, as well as your parenting style. 


  • We put together your personalized 20+ page sleep assessment, which includes a detailed step by step plan and the science behind sleep to help you understand the importance of sleep and the factors that influence it.


  • You will then read over your plan, and you can ask questions, and we can modify your plan to make sure the plan is a perfect fit for you, your little one, and your family. 


  • Then when you and your child are ready you can start the week worth of support via four - 30-minute phone calls throughout the week, for a total of 2 hours, in which we will go over the activity/sleep logs to make sure everything is going well. 


  • The week of support is a vital part of the process in which to be able to address and resolve any additional problems that may arise.  After a week if you feel you need further support, another week package can be added for an additional charge. 


  • Your personalized plan should be used not only to help solve your current sleep issue, but the plan actually grows with your child and it can be used to get your good little sleeper back on track, whenever a setback occurs, whether that be due to holidays, vacation, illness, mother-in-laws, or any other situation that may cause a disruption in your sleep schedule.

Here are a few addons, please call for prices and questions


Travel over ten miles out of the Arrowhead area, may be subject to additional fees.


Add a twin for $59

Any Non-Multiples Sibling Receives 30% any A to Z Sleep Solutions

More Support

Add another week worth of support $75
Add 7 days worth of text support $97

Contact us for a customized plan if you would like help that doesn't fit the above packages. (Whether that is In-Home Support for 7 Days a Week or Just Looking to Get Nap Help.)

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