Heather Kucenski (Phoenix, Arizona)

Certified Sensitive Sleep Consultant

Like a lot of first time families, having children was an eye opening experience from the get-go. Everything we thought we knew or read about went out the window. One of those things that went out of the window was sleep. I have three boys, and the idea of sleep consulting was basically unheard of when my first child was born. Everything was done by trial and error. By the time my second son was born, I had help from a friend at the time that gave us some tips. It was really when my third son came along that we wanted to make sure we began things on the right foot. That was when we began our own journey with Hannah.

All I can think about now is how I wish what I know now, I knew way back when we had our first child. Sleep deprivation bleeds into other areas of our lives and affects more than what we might think. I consider sleep training to be like any other kind of skill a child practices to learn and do. Some might be good from the start, but many others need the practice and guidance of becoming good sleepers. Just like kids practice riding their bikes or a sport. With guidance, direction and consistency, we can set them up for future success. Having seen the difference getting sleep and self -care time has made, thanks to children who could settle themselves to sleep and sleep through the night, encouraged me to want to try and give the same to other families. It makes all the difference!

I became certified through the Institute of Sensitive Sleep Consulting. It is so rewarding to help families reach their sleep goals and I look forward to doing the same for many more!

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