Recorded Virtual Workshop

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Recorded Virtual Workshop (4-24 Months) - $65

Sit down and join Hannah Peterson, owner and operator of A to Z Sleep Solutions, as she walks you through step by step through sleep training.  This workshop shows you all the methods and aspects of sleep training from the founder herself.  Each recorded virtual workshop comes with a one-time follow up email as well.  So we can help you better understand the information and help you with what may need to be tweaked for your specific situation.

Come join Hannah Peterson, the number one publically rated sleep consultant in the entire state, for a couple hours and learn the secrets of sleep. Hannah Peterson owns and runs Dream Baby Sleep Consultant, but also raises four children of her own and pulls from her experience as a pediatric nurse, her certified training as a sleep consultant, as well as her years and hundreds of clients that she has worked with all over the world.

Is bedtime always a battle at your house? Is your little one still not sleeping through the night? Are you held captive by the bedside nursing, rocking, or holding a hand every night? Are naps typically a disaster?

Come learn the techniques used by the experts at Dream Baby Sleep Consultant in the comfort of your own home. As they walk you through an easy to follow and beautifully created workshop, with you as a busy mom in mind.

For only $65 you will come join her for a 2-Hour Workshop in the comfort of your own home. Focusing on the sleep of children ages 4 months to 2 years. This will also include a Q&A session so Hannah can answer your specific questions for your personalized needs.


  • Nutrition and Sleep
  • Your Little One’s Sleep Environment & How it affects sleep.
  • How to Achieve Restorative Naps
  • Setting up a Healthy Bedtime Routine
  • How to STOP early wakeups.
  • What is sleep debt and how it can be influencing my child
  • Covering all major sleep training techniques. (Includes No Cry)
  • Explaining and Highlighting Sleep Regressions
  • How to Reverse any Negative Sleep Associations

After the workshop, if you choose to purchase an A to Z Sleep Solution's Package and get the personalized support of Hannah, half of your workshop fees will be deducted from the full price of the packages.

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