2 Years and Up

The toddler and preschool years are loads of fun. Having a front-row seat as your baby turns into a little person is truly amazing. Of course, it isn’t all fun and games. This time presents new challenges, especially related to sleep. You’ll confront setting and communicating boundaries, transitioning from cribs to toddler beds, ensuring proper nutrition, and possibly even adding new siblings!

INTRODUCING THE RESET MODEL – How it changes everything when it comes to toddlers sleep…

Why I created the RESET model?

Sleep training a toddler/preschooler may seem like an enormous task, as the stamina and will of our future leaders are strong.

But by looking at all the sleep puzzle pieces and helping your toddler become a part of their routine and you ALL understanding the why’s behind sleep is crucial to your family’s success.

Even the best sleep-trained baby can often need a RESET in toddlerhood to understand the WHYS behind sleeping.

Say goodbye to:

  • Late-night power struggles
  • Endless whining and begging for ‘one more book, one more hug, toilet time, a sip of water, or the I’m hungry routine.’
  • Wasting time sitting in your kids’ room waiting for them to fall asleep…
  • Middle of the night visitors needing you to put them back to bed.

Getting good sleep with your toddler/preschooler is more than a method…

The key is knowing how to use the right language in setting your sleep expectations and having the right follow-through.

I get it, as a mom of 7, and numerous foster kiddos inside my home, holding boundaries is tough. Sometimes it is easier to give in, especially when they are losing control and tears the flowing, it’s late and you just want sleep for everyone.
But I am here to tell you, peaceful sleep can happen within your home again.
We can have your little one settled to sleep by 8 pm and sleeping solidly for 10-12 hours overnight.

The key is unlocking your Child’s natural ability to fall asleep and stay asleep alone all night long. Our little ones need to be sleeping a solid 10-12 hours overnight without any help for us.

Trapped in your little one’s sleep process? Reach out we can help you today!