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You will not be ALONE. Hands On Support for 3 Nights and 2 Days in Your Own Home with Founder, Hannah Peterson right by your side…

Imagine the warmth of your own cozy home enveloping you as you embark on a transformative journey with our founder, Hannah Peterson. From the moment she steps into your home, you’ll sense a comforting companionship, as if a friend has arrived to guide you through the beautiful chaos of parenthood.

Over an extensive 60 hours spanning 3 nights and 2 days, your space becomes a sanctuary of learning and growth. Hannah isn’t just a sleep expert; she’s your personal ally in this adventure. Whether you’re settling your baby to sleep, navigating overnight wakings, conquering early morning rising, or tackling nap struggles, she’s there with a reassuring presence and hands-on assistance.

Though the nights may seem daunting, fear not—Hannah is committed to ensuring your success. With her expertise and your determination, failure is simply not an option. Every question finds an immediate answer, and every concern is met with a solution. This journey is more than just sleep training; it’s about building confidence in your own parenting journey and creating a foundation for a lifetime of restful nights.

Here’s How it Works:


Fill Out Our Questionnaire

You’ll start by filling out our in-depth questionnaire that covers details including your little ones’ personality, dietary needs, and sleep environment, as well as your parenting style. Once I have reviewed the questionnaire I will send you a preparation email and everything that we will need to ensure full success when I arrive.


Pre-Arrival Instructions

You will receive an email with the instructions provided to set the stage for the Ultimate Weekend Experience. 


60-Hours of Hands-On Personalized Assistance

I will arrive at 4/5 pm.  This will allow me time to be able to meet you and your family.  We will then review all of the pieces of your customized plan. We will review your nursery together and talk through any safety or environmental concerns that you may have.  I will make sure that we are setup for success. I will be there for three nights and two days straight so you will never be alone in this. 


Hannah's Special Bag of Sleep

You are more than a client to us, you become a part of the A to Z family. And as a magical token of the shared journey, you will receive a bag filled with a combination of Hannah’s favorite sleep items and items created by Hannah herself on her own homestead.  This gift will help ensure your success even after Hannah is gone. 


90 Days of Follow-Up Support

While our in-home journey has reached its conclusion, rest assured, it’s not the end of our support line. Whether through phone calls, texts, or our sleep app, you’ll have me in real-time, offering continuous support and cheering you on through each step of the process. We’ve laid the foundation for better sleep, and now, over the next 90 days, we’ll apply these learnings to real-life scenarios.

As we navigate situations like your little one falling ill, international travel, visits from in-laws, or the holiday seasons, we understand that sleep doesn’t always happen in perfect scenarios. Our focus is on bending and applying the principles we’ve learned to these situations outside of our routine. Together, we’ll find adaptable solutions to ensure a consistent and positive sleep experience for your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this package include?
  • Personalized Sleep Assessment
  • 3 nights/2 days, our founder Hannah Peterson, in person at your home 
  • You will also receive support, accountability, and years of experience/wisdom, via 3 months of in-app/text messaging support, in which we will go over the activity/sleep logs to make sure everything is going well.
What if I need further support?

The three months of support is a vital part of the process in which to be able to address and resolve any additional problems that may arise. After night one or two if things aren’t coming together, we will change our approach and customize your support in real time as needed to ensure that our sleep goals are met.  This is the difference of having a customized sleep solution, rather than a one-size fits all plan. 

How does the Personalized Assessment work?

Your personalized plan should be used not only to help solve your current sleep issue, but the plan actually grows with your child and it can be used to get your good little sleeper back on track, whenever a setback occurs, whether that be due to vacation, development leap, illness, a mother-in-law, or any other situation that may cause a disruption in your little one’s sleep schedule.