A to Z Sleep Solution’s Founders Packages:

Want to work with A to Z’s Founder, Hannah Peterson?  These are her packages that she currently works with. 

Available in Arizona

In-Home Sleep Solutions: 1/2 Night

Parents love our our half night in-home. Hannah will come to your home for a 6-hour visit and show you how to implement your customized sleep plan. You’ll receive help and insights with any pre-midnight wakings, and you won’t have to do sleep training alone.  Hannah will be there to answer  any questions and concerns you are having. You will review together your tailored sleep assessment, get a personalized in-home consultation, and receive 30-days of email, phone, and text follow-ups. 

Founder's VIP Concierge Package

You simply need the best. After three nights with Hannah Peterson, Founder of A to Z Sleep Solutions, you will feel empowered at every nap time and bedtime. The VIP Concierge Package includes support from Hannah through any wakings throughout her three-night stay. She will help you implement your customized sleep plan, take time to answer any questions, review your tailored sleep assessment, and solve the issues real-time as they come about. You’ll also receive 3-months of email, phone, and text follow-ups.

Available Worldwide

Sleep Solutions by Phone

You’re not alone in your child’s sleep struggles. You’ll receive a 60-minute initial phone call with Founder, Hannah Peterson for an in-depth conversation about your current reality, as well as your goals, parenting style, nutrition, daily routine, and more. During the first 10 days of your sleep training, you and your sleep consultant will correspond via phone and email about implementing and personalizing your plan so you can succeed in your sleep goals.

Sleep Solutions: “Fly to You” VIP Overnight

Get the VIP treatment! This is the only hands-on support option available worldwide. You’ll receive 5 days of support directly in your home with a certified sleep consultant who is also an experienced pediatric nurse. In addition to a customized sleep plan, your sleep consultant will offer insightful support with any wakeups and sleep struggles throughout the first 4 nights/5 days in your home. This package also includes 6-months of follow up support via phone, email, and text messages.

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