For 4-24 month old children

We offer 3 different options

Online Courses

Our digital courses are perfect for busy parents who want to apply self-paced learning from the comfort of their own home. 

Customized Plans

Sleep better with our customized, comprehensive sleep plans. Feel empowered, create a stronger bond, and restore your vitality.

Hands on Support

Sometimes you need an extra set of hands and a personal coach. Bring the support and training directly to your home.

Online course

This is NOT a ONE-SIZE fit all plan similar to what other “well-known courses” teach. Rather, we offer you 9 sleep training techniques to customize to YOUR Parenting Style. (Including ones that are successful with attachment style parenting).

You will get a collection of 5-10 minute step by step video segments from Certified Hannah Peterson.

Plus, you will recieve a beautiful, in-depth, printable workbook, to help you customize what Hannah teaches specifically for your child’s temperament.

Customized Plans

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