Sleep Solutions by Email

$297 | Available Worldwide
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Sleep Solutions by Email

$297 | Available Worldwide

You’ll be assigned to a certified sleep consultant via email. Starting with an in-depth questionnaire, you’ll be guided through a detailed step-by-step plan. During the 10 days of implementation, you and your sleep consultant will correspond via 4 emails about how your progress is going and what changes should be implemented to help you succeed in your sleep goals.

Here’s how it works:


Fill Out Our Questionnaire

This in-depth questionnaire covers details including your little ones’ personality, dietary needs, and sleep environment, as well as your parenting style.


Receive a Personalized Sleep Assessment

You’ll get a detailed step-by-step plan to guide you through the science behind sleep and the factors that influence it. 


Gain Email & App Access to Your Consultant

After you review the plan, your certified sleep consultant will answer your questions via email. You will work together via 4 emails in 10 days to review your daily logs in our sleep app and revamp your plan together. You will have direct email access to your sleep consultant for 10 DAYS. 

what others are saying…

If there were 6 stars available, Kate would receive all of them. When describing our sleep consultant experience to friends, I’ve said “life changing” more times than I’d like to admit. But only parents who are in the trenches of bad sleep habits really know how life changing some good sleep can be. Kate helped to teach me how to teach my 6 month old daughter to sleep. Within less than 2 weeks, we went from waking 6+ times a night and bedsharing to 1-2 wake ups a night and no more bedsharing. She and I are both finally feeling rested. Kate is very quick to reply to questions and her services are very personalized. I will 100% recommend Kate and her services to any new parent struggling with sleep!

Sarah T.

From Tennessee, On

What does this package include?
  • Personalized sleep assessment
  • Step-by-step sleep solutions plan
  • 10 days of support via 4 X email 
  • Review of activity/sleep logs to better customize your plan
  • Support, accountability, and years of experience and wisdom 
What if I need further support?

The ten days of support is a vital part of the process in which to be able to address and resolve any additional problems that may arise. After 2-4 days if things aren’t coming together, we will change our approach and customize your support as needed to ensure that your sleep goals are met.  This is the difference of having a customized sleep solution, rather than a one-size fits all plan. 

How does the personalized assessment work?

Your personalized plan should be used not only to help solve your current sleep issue, but to grow with your child. It can be used to get your child back on track whenever a setback occurs, like a vacation, development leap, illness, family visit, or any other situation that may cause a disruption in your little one’s sleep schedule.