Basic Home Package (3-4 hours)

$697 | Only Available in AZ, MN, NM, & WA
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Our most affordable in-home service.

Basic In-Home Sleep Solution for 3-4 Hours

$697 | Available Only in Arizona, Minnesota, New Mexico & Washington St.

This is our starter or basic hands-on support package. You will receive one of our very own certified sleep consultants in your home and they will show you how to implement the changes created in your own customized sleep plan. They will support you with any wakeups in the *3-4 hour time frame* that they will be at your home. They will be available to answer any questions that arise during this time period. This also includes your very own tailored sleep assessment and two weeks of phone, email, and text support. 

Here’s how it works:


Fill Out Our Questionaiire

You’ll start by filling out our in-depth questionnaire that covers details including your little ones’ personality, dietary needs, and sleep environment, as well as your parenting style.


You get a Personalized Sleep Assessment

You’ll get a detailed step by step plan with the science behind sleep to help you understand the importance of sleep and the factors that influence it. Once you read over it, you can ask questions, and we can modify your plan to make sure the plan is a perfect fit for you, your little one, and your family.


I'll come to your home for 3-4 hours

We will then schedule a three to four-hour time period between 4 pm-10 pm, where I will come to your home and help show you how to implement your plan with a hands-on approach in you and your little one’s environment. Helping with any changes that need to be made right away.


You will then be supported for 2 full weeks!

Following your in-home visit the support doesn’t stop there!  You will continue to be supported for the next two weeks from your own certified sleep consultant by phone, email, and text support of your choice.

What does this package include?
  • Personalized Sleep Assessment
  • 3-4 Hours in person at your home 
  • You will also receive support, accountability, and years of experience/wisdom, via four – 30-minute phone calls throughout the week, for a total of two hours and two weeks worth of text messaging support, in which we will go over the activity/sleep logs to make sure everything is going well.
What if I need further support?

The two weeks of support is a vital part of the process in which to be able to address and resolve any additional problems that may arise. After 3-5 days if things aren’t coming together, we will change our approach and customize your support as needed to ensure that our sleep goals are met.  This is the difference of having a customized sleep solution, rather than a one-size fits all plan. 

How does the Personalized Assessment work?

Your personalized plan should be used not only to help solve your current sleep issue, but the plan actually grows with your child and it can be used to get your good little sleeper back on track, whenever a setback occurs, whether that be due to vacation, development leap, illness, a mother-in-law, or any other situation that may cause a disruption in your little one’s sleep schedule.