First Steps to Newborn Sleep "Yes, Sleep Can Happen"

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1.5-2 hour class for pregnant and new parents up to 12 weeks. 

 Time for Q&A

 You Will Receive a Full Workbook with all the tools to help start to build a sleep foundation. 



Price:   $40 / couple 

 Date: Wednesday February 5th @ 6PM  


The Motherhood Co.

10401 N 32nd St. 

Phoenix, AZ 85028


Main Topics of Discussion : 


 Biological Sleep Regulators


 Light and the Effect on Sleep 


 Sleep Cycles and Sleep Architecture

 Baby’s Sleep Cycles


 Understimulation vs Overstimulation


 The Nervous System 


 How to Settle Your Newborn 


 Parental Assistance: Shushing and Patting


 Other Ways to Settle a Newborn 


 5 Myths About Newborn Sleep 


 Wind, Reflux, Colic, and Immunizations 


 How to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night


 Nap Schedules


 and Final Tips








The Motherhood Co.