Come join us for a Sleep Workshop at The Motherhood Co!

(4-24 Months) In-Person Workshop Ticket – $97


Where: The Motherhood Co. (10401 N. 32nd St. STE 8, Phoenix, AZ 85028)  When: Saturday, February 3rd (1-3 PM)

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Discover the Secrets of Sleep with Hannah Peterson, Certified Sensitive Sleep Consultant

Are bedtime battles a nightly struggle at your home? Is your little one still eluding the magic of a full night’s sleep? Do you find yourself captive to bedside rituals like nursing, rocking, or hand-holding? Naps turning into daily disasters?

Join us for an enlightening workshop with Hannah Peterson, where you’ll delve into the mysteries of sleep and find solutions tailored to your unique challenges.

Event Details:

  • Date & Time: 2/3/2024 1-3 PM
  • Location: The Motherhood Co – 10401 N 32nd St. STE 8 Phoenix, AZ 85028

Seating is Limited, but feel free to Bring Your Partner for Free! Please let us know in the form below so we can reserve a seat for them.

Drinks and snacks will be provided to keep you energized throughout the session.

Topics Covered:

  • Nutritional guidelines and sleep
  • Your little one’s sleep environment & its impact
  • Achieving restorative naps & overcoming catnapping issues
  • Creating a healthy bedtime routine
  • Putting an end to early morning wake-ups
  • Understanding sleep debt and its influence on your child
  • 8-Day weaning guide to reverse feeding cycles
  • Comprehensive sleep training techniques (including no cry it out)
  • Explaining sleep regressions and how to navigate them
  • Reversing negative sleep associations
  • Handling pacifiers, vacations, sickness, teething, and sleep
  • Personalized night-time sleep plan customization
  • Example routines and nap schedules

Exclusive Offer: After the workshop, consider taking the next step with our A To Z Sleep Solutions Package. If you choose to purchase, enjoy half of your workshop fees deducted from the full package price, along with personalized support from Hannah.

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