In-Person Workshop Ticket


Uncaging the Toddler: While Keeping Your Household’s Sanity – $97






Come join Kalie Tenorio, Certified Sensitive Sleep Consultant for a couple of hours and learn the secrets of sleep.


Is bedtime always a battle at your house?  Is your toddler/preschooler still not sleeping through the night?  Are you held captive by the bedside rocking, gathering dozens of stuffed animals, or holding a hand every night? Having issues of knowing when to transition from a crib to a big bed for your child? Are naps typically a disaster as well?


Come learn the techniques used by the experts at A To Z Sleep Solutions.  As they walk you through an easy to follow and beautifully created workbook, bed book, and games with you as a busy mom in mind.


For only $97 you will come to join Kalie for a 2.5-Hour Workshop.  Focusing on the sleep of children ages from 2 to 5 years of age. This will also include a Q&A session so Kalie can answer your specific questions for your personalized needs.


Please remember that masks will be required and seating is extremely limited to help us maintain social distancing standards. 

**Coffee and snacks will be provided.**






  •  Nutrition and Sleep
  •  Your Little One’s Sleep Environment & How it affects sleep.
  •  How to Achieve Restorative Naps
  •  Setting up a Healthy Bedtime Routine
  •  How to STOP early wakeups.
  •  What is sleep debt and how it can be influencing my child?
  •  Cover all major sleep training techniques, including no cry it out sleep training.
  •  Explaining and Highlighting Sleep Regressions
  •  How to Reverse any Negative Sleep Associations



After the workshop, if you choose to purchase an A To Z Sleep Solutions Package and get the Customized support of Kalie, half of your workshop fees will be deducted from the full price of the packages.


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