In-Person Workshop Ticket

In Person Workshop – $125

TBC Come join Hannah Peterson, the number one publicly rated sleep consultant in all of Arizona for a couple of hours and learn the secrets of sleep.  Hannah Peterson owns and runs A To Z Sleep Solutions, but also raises five children of her own and pulls from her experience as a registered pediatric nurse, her certified training as a sleep consultant, as well as her years and hundreds of clients that she has worked with all over the world. Is bedtime always a battle at your house?  Is your little one still not sleeping through the night?  Are you held captive by the bedside nursing, rocking, or holding a hand every night? Are naps typically a disaster as well? Come learn the techniques used by the experts at A To Z Sleep Solutions.  As they walk you through an easy to follow and beautifully created workshop, with you as a busy mom in mind. For only $125 you will come to join Hannah for a 3-Hour Workshop.  Focusing on the sleep of children ages 3.5 months to 2.5 years. This will also include a Q&A session so Hannah can answer your specific questions for your personalized needs. Morning Tea & Refreshments will be Provided.


  •  Nutritional Guidelines and Sleep
  •  Your Little One’s Sleep Environment & How it affects sleep.
  •  How to Achieve Restorative Naps & Break Catnapping issues
  •  Setting up a Healthy Bedtime Routine
  •  How to STOP early wakeups.
  •  What is sleep debt and how it can be influencing my child?
  • 8 Day Weaning Guide to help Reverse feeding Cycle
  •  Cover all major sleep training techniques, including no cry it out sleep training.
  •  Explaining and Highlighting Sleep Regressions
  •  How to Reverse any Negative Sleep Associations
  • Pacifiers, Vacations, Sickness, Teething, and Sleep
  • Help Customized Your Own Night Time Sleep Plan
  • Example Routines and Nap Schedules

After the workshop, if you choose to purchase an A To Z Sleep Solutions Package and get the Customized support of Hannah, half of your workshop fees will be deducted from the full price of the packages.

Our A to Z Sleep Solutions Services are Available throughout the US & Internationally

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