Why Choose Dream Baby?

Here at Dream Baby, I use the medical expertise from working as An Experienced Pediatric Nurse, experience from working side by side with families in their home.  I implement my training I received from an Internationally accredited multifaceted program (that covered gentle no cry sleep methods to a more traditional sleep technique). Whatever your sleep goal may be, I will work hand in hand with your family in achieving your personal sleep objectives.

Dream Baby Sleep Consulting is Available for Your Child Age 0-5, in the USA & Worldwide



Here at Dream Baby, Your Sleep Consultant works with you to create a unique plan for your baby’s personality and your family’s needs. Every child is different and shouldn’t be put into a generalized standard sleep plan, a one size fits all. 

Whether you choose a Gentle, non-Cry It Out plan, or a more traditional method, you can achieve your sleep goals without ever compromising your parenting Style. 

We will assess your baby sleep environment, their sleep associations, nutrition, timings of their naps nighttime sleep. We also discuss your options in regards to sleep training techniques and help you work out what will be the best fit for baby and your family. 


#1 Publically Rated Sleep Consultant in Arizona

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Dream Baby Sleep Consultant Services are available throughout the US & Internationally


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