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Hannah Peterson

Owner/Operator of A to Z Sleep Solutions

Pediatric Nurse

Certified Sleep Consultant

I was born and raised in New Zealand as one of 8 children. Being in a large family I have always had babies and children around. As a single mum at 19, I put myself through nursing school in 2006 and graduated three years later, as a registered nurse.

I was privileged enough to work as a community pediatric nurse in-home, doing well-child checkups, helping give families the information that they needed to be prepared for their growing babies. This included, but was not limited to breastfeeding support, nutrition support, sleep help, and many other important aspects of being a Pediatric nurse.

In my spare time, I loved being a mum to my growing son, being a part of my local church and opened my home as a foster mum in my local community.  In the three years, I was a foster mum, I had over 80 children in my home.  It was a huge eye-opener, although heartbreaking at times it was definitely a rewarding experience.

I married the love of my life in 2012, which I had known for over ten years and who lived in the USA.  Once married I started the process of migrating to the USA. Over three years later I have been blessed with two beautiful girls and a sense wanting to keep giving back to my community. In 2015, I completed my training as a Baby Sleep Consultant through the international accredited Baby Sleep Consultant.  Once again, I continued on my journey helping and supporting families. This is a huge passion of mine and since moving to the USA I have been saddened by the lack of support for new parents and even the on-going care families receive. So with one family at a time I hope to achieve this and help impact my community and the way they are supported.


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