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Kate Swanson

Certified Sensitive Sleep Consultant

I’m a mom of four and our house is always filled with spunk, energy, chaos and now sleep! When my kids were born, I didn’t know what to expect. I had a degree in Sociology with an emphasis on Child Development & Human Services, I worked Early Childhood and Elementary Education, and had been an investigator with the Department of Children/Family Services – I thought I had it covered.
Then as a parent, I read the books, researched everything, and joined community groups to glean advice and tricks – but then…things didn’t work.

My first was a great sleeper from day 1 – 7 hours a night! Our pediatrician scolded me for letting him sleep too long. He was a dream when it came to sleeping, but it was everything else he did that left me perplexed.

My next two were different. I did everything the same, but my second was a mess, sleep was so stressful, and by the time my third was in the mix I had given up hope that any of us would ever sleep well again. I felt defeated.

After years of struggling, I asked my friend Hannah about how sleep training was different from everything else I thought I knew. With her guidance, I started to understand all the pieces that I had been missing. One key component was support – this is what I lacked, a healthy support system to help me through this challenge. I knew I wanted to figure this sleep puzzle out for my family and, since connecting families and children with the right support have always been a passion of mine, I knew I wanted to join her team to help others who were in my shoes too!

Through my certification with the Institute of Sensitive Sleep Consultants, I learned that there were more biology and science to sleep than I ever expected. Once I had the right education, listened to Hannah’s instructions and could adjust a method for my specific family – things at our house took a total change. Yet, in a few short weeks with my kids, I accomplished what I couldn’t do in years – and everyone was happier!

I’m so excited to now be a resource for other families needing that extra support. I love the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child,” and I wholeheartedly agree. It is okay to reach out for guidance, and I would love to support your family on this journey!

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