You haven’t failed: “It takes a village to raise a child” by Kate Swanson of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I have a natural desire to be that “perfect” mom — the one who has all the answers and who knows how to respond to any situation. I want to diagnose every rash/cough/fever, get my kids to eat their veggies, solve every behavioral problem, teach them everything they need to know in life. I want my kids to be healthy, happy, and well-behaved – and I want it to be easy!

As hard as I work to achieve this perfection, reality hits – I’m not supermom, and this isn’t possible! I want to do everything “right,” but I just can’t do it. And a part of me feels like I have failed.

In today’s society, there is this enormous pressure to do it all on our own. Never admitting that we sometimes don’t have the answers. Somehow feeling that reaching out for help is a sign of weakness or failure. In my opinion, this is completely backwards! Personally, I can’t do everything on my own, and I need to accept the realization that this is okay!

I love the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Parenting is hard! Kids are complicated. I don’t know it all, and sometimes I need to ask for help! Looking for resources available for my children and me is not a sign of defeat. Finding the right support system for me can be a fantastic gain for my child. Often this can be in my significant other, or my family or friends; however, sometimes I need more specialized and professional guidance. And again, there is nothing wrong with this!

Reaching out for guidance and support is a courageous act. This is especially true when looking at sleep training. Sleep is complicated, yet such a biological necessity. Asking for help is not an admittance of defeat, it is a necessary piece of support for many families.

If your little one is struggling with sleep or you have general questions as you navigate, we can provide you with both support and help to point you in the right direction. Chat with us today for some sleep tips or book a free 15 min phone consult on our website, . We are here to listen and would love to be a part of your village – working together with you to give your child the best start possible on their sleep journey.

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