One of the first things I typically get asked in a free 15-minute consultation is what package is best for me? Every sleep solution at A to Z Sleep Solutions comes with your very own personalized plan, which is designed specifically for your child and your parenting style. Each sleep package also comes with at least a ten-day minimum of support, but how you get that support is what makes each package different.

Overall each of us learns differently, as there are many different learning styles when it comes to taking in new information.

1) Visual Learners are those of us that learn by seeing pictures, images, videos, diagrams, etc. These would be people that would benefit from attending either a virtual or in-person workshop, but may also benefit by going with an in-home consultation.



2) Aural Learners are people that are more auditory learners. People that prefer to learn by rhythms, music, recordings, and listening to someone talk. These parents would benefit by taking one of our workshops or by getting a phone consultation as either one of these would be most beneficial.



3) Verbal Learners are people that need that interactive communication. Which would benefit someone that prefers to “talk it out” when learning something new compared to other learning styles. This can be both in speech and written form.  These parents will benefit most from a phone consult or an email consult,  with an additional text support addon as well because they need to be able to talk through the process more than once and just depending on the overall support they are needing. If they need immediate assistance and instant answers, then text support may be more of what they are looking for.


4) Physical Learners are those of us who learn by doing it. But also people that may need to roleplay it out. People that learn in this way would definitely most benefit from an in-home consultation or an in-person workshop. So that they can see me in action and learn better from being able to have a sleep consultant in home showing them what to do or at least seeing the physical interaction of an in-person workshop.



5) Logical Learners are those of us that use logical reasoning and may want to know specific behind all information or the scientific reasoning behind why we are doing what we are doing. These learners really would benefit from most packages, as the customized plan is full of the scientific backing behind why we are doing what we are doing, not just telling you to do it. Which comes from my background as a pediatric nurse.


6) Social Learners are people that learn much better in groups or with other people that they can bounce their ideas off of. These are the moms/dads that would most benefit from an in-person workshop or one of our online courses, as well as adding text messaging support in both email/phone consultations would give this added benefit.



7) Solitary Learners are those that excel in learning in either a one on one environment or through self-study. These are the parents that will most thrive in either a one on one in-home setting or through an email package. Depending on confidence level and the amount of support that the solitary learner would need.