Now That the Rock ‘N Play has Been Recalled, What’s Next?

As of April 12, 2019, the Fisher Price Rock N Play has been recalled after the continued urging of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  This product, which was marketed as a “sleeper” is unsafe and should be returned as soon as possible.  Many moms have shown concern about this recall and have asked us what they should do now.  We have also seen a lot of misinformation out there even after the recall.  This recall was not just done because older children rolled over and suffocated as they were unattended.  We know that it can be intimidating to make a transition out of the Rock ‘n’ Play, but we are here to help.

Based on recommendations from the AAP and the WHO (World Health Organization), infants are safest on a firm sleeping surface, such as a crib or a pack n’ play. This may be a difficult transition for your little one but within three to five days, you will start to see your baby be able to make the switch. Practice makes perfect, as the more opportunities our little ones get in this new sleeping environment the better they will become.  

If your infant is under 4 months old and not rolling, the easiest way to transition into a crib is by swaddling your baby.  This secure swaddle will help baby feel safe and snug.  You can rock your swaddled baby during the bedtime routine and put your baby down awake. You may see some difficulty falling asleep during the first few days, but this is normal. 

For older babies who are moving and rolling, a swaddle is no longer recommended due to safety concerns.  Our babies need to have the ability to find their comfortable spot in their crib.  Their crib should be bare, without positioners, bumpers, or blankets. For older babies, this transition may take some time. 

However, with a strong bedtime routine and consistent settling techniques, your baby will be able to sleep in his own crib. If you are needing additional help with this transition or wanting some setting techniques with a more detailed plan, please reach out for support:

For more information about the recall, please read:

To request a refund for your Rock ‘N’ Play: