1383726_10153476768820397_2100821542_nIf you feel like you have just overcome the four month sleep regression and you feel like you finally have things back on track, lookout the 8 month sleep regression is right around the corner. There is a lot happening around this age. Your baby might have hit these milestones and others, such as sitting up, scooting or crawling around the house, pulling themselves up, cruising furniture or even walking. Some may be learning the basics of communications and then some might be at the start of teething.

Like all things in life, when we learn a new skill, all we want to do is practice practice, practice, even when the lights go out. These exciting new skills can be buzzing around in our minds. In turn it can be hard for our little ones to shut down their brains and drift off to sleep. Especially true if your baby hasn’t learn the skill of self-settling themselves. So if you are dealing with multiple night-time wake-ups and nap-times are harder to achieve you very well may be in this regression.

So how to overcome the eight to ten month regression? Consistency is the key of making it through this week to two week regression. While your baby is awake, allow them time to practice all of their newly found skills. When going for naps and bedtime a good wind-down sleep ritual is a must to be able to help them refocus on sleeping. At this age they are still needing two naps a day. So this being a constant is very important. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all we are always here to assist you in anyway that you need. Reach out to me at 602-842-2055 for a free 15 minute consult or you can always email me as well at admin@atozsleepsolutions.com