Minnesota Workshop

A to Z Sleep Solutions

4-24 Months Old Workshop

(Burnsville, MN)
January 25 6:30 – 8:30pm


Bedtime can be a battle. Not sleeping through the night, struggling to get your little one to bed, and having nap-time meltdowns only add to the stress of parenthood.

This in-depth 2-hour workshop will guide you through the biological, environmental and behavioral components of sleep as you learn the techniques used by the experts.

Join Kate Swanson, Certified Sensitive Sleep Consultant with A to Z Sleep Solutions and mama of 4, as we navigate the secrets of sleep.

This is a practical application workshop giving you the sleep solution tools you need to feel prepared, confident, supported, and encouraged to successfully reach your family’s sleep goals right now, and in the future as your child grows!


  • Your little one’s sleep environment & how it affects sleep

  • Nutrition and sleep

  • How to achieve restorative naps

  • Setting up a healthy bedtime routine

  • How to STOP early wake-ups

  • What is sleep debt and how it can be influencing my child

  • Cover all major sleep training techniques, including gentle and sensitive methods

  • Explaining and highlighting sleep regressions

  • How to reverse any negative sleep associations

  • Establishing realistic and age-appropriate expectations

  • The 5 key principles to success!


This 2-hour session includes a 30+ page workbook which includes full step by step techniques & individual nap schedules for your child’s age, and one follow up support email with kate@atozsleepsolutions.com to address any additional questions you might have once you are home.

$85 / couple


Reach out today with questions.


Location: JoJo’s Rise and Wine in Burnsville, MN
12501 Nicollet Ave, Ste 100
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337