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What is the A to Z Sleep Difference?

Here at A to Z Sleep Solutions, we believe that every child and family is unique and we treat you that way.  That is why all of our packages come with a fully customized comprehensive sleep plan, unlike any other sleep consultant. That is where we pull on our expertise as Pediatric Nurses, Psychologists, Counselors, and Teachers combined with our certification from a multi-faceted Internationally accredited program. (that covered gentle no cry sleep methods to more traditional sleep techniques).


Here at A to Z Sleep Solutions we will empower and work, hand and hand with you to find out which technique best fits your little one’s temperament and your parenting style.  As nobody knows your child better than you.  Whatever your sleep goal may be, we will work with you and your family in achieving your personal sleep objectives.


We are also the only A+ rated Sleep Consultants in the state by the BBB.  We are also the number one publicly rated sleep consultant in the state. 

Who is A to Z Sleep Solutions?

hannah 2

Hannah Peterson

Founder of A to Z Sleep Solutions

Senior Certified Sleep Consultant

A Mother of Five Beautiful Kids 

Education: Registered Pediatric Nurse & Post-Grad in  Family Care

Over a Decade Worth of Experience Working In-Home with Families with Sleep

Located in Glendale, Arizona

Our Certified Sensitive Sleep Consultants





nwp mm1 161

Heather Graham

Certified Sensitive Sleep Consultant (Late 2018)

A Proud Mama

Education: Counselor

Peoria, AZ

Swanson - A to Z

Kate Swanson

Certified Sensitive Sleep Consultant (Early 2018)

A Proud Mama

Education: Teacher

Kelsey Bio Pic

Kelsey Dressely

Certified Sensitive Sleep Consultant (Early 2018)

A Proud Mama

Education: Counseling

Kate Swanson - Sensitive Sleep Consultant

Lydia Bighouse

Certified Sensitive Sleep Consultant (Pending 2019)

A Proud Mama

Education: Non-Profit

Kate Swanson - Sensitive Sleep Consultant

Sarah Thurman

Certified Sensitive Sleep Consultant (Pending 2019)

A Proud Mama

Education: Non-Profit


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A to Z Sleep Solutions Services


We here at A to Z Sleep Solutions know that the newborn’s biological system is not ready for Official Sleep Training.  As the self-settling skill isn’t able to be learned until around 4 months.  

Yet, our Free Newborn Class sets you up for success from the moment your baby is born by setting up your expectations and teaching you what to expect after baby gets here.  We also have a dual start program, where you receive an extensive guide covering all newborn issues, as well as giving you a Customized Plan, once your child is old enough to sleep train at 4 months.

Online Course

Customized Solutions

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Stay up to date on all the latest A to Z Sleep Solutions Sleep Tips, Products, and Promotions. 

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