unnamed (2)Sleep is a biological necessity, not a luxury as we may seem to think some times. Like water, oxygen and food, sleep is something that our bodies actually need to function. In newborns they can only biologically stay awake for 40-90 minutes at a time, after this they lose the ability to concentrate and become irritable and unsettled. As our little ones nap their memory and immune systems are strengthened, their bones and tissues are repaired, their appetites are regulated and this is when they do a majority of their growing. After only half hour of sleep their short term memory transfers to long term memory. Their brain synapses are continuing to form, their vision is sharpened, and they process their emotions, and their stress levels come down.

So many times, especially as moms we put sleep on the back burner. That sleep is something that we will get to when I have time to sort that out or that once my child reaches a certain age they will just learn to sleep better. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sleep is of the utmost of importance when it comes to health and well-being of our little ones. So its actually okay to reach out and get support for this much needed aspect of parenting.

The culture that has arisen in the 21st Century is that all moms need to be supermoms. In this we as moms should have it all figured out. Those dealing with the multiple wake-ups, cat napping, early morning rising is the norm and just need to put it down to this is the life of raising a child. When in fact these are the times that we should be reaching out for support to other moms and professionals, not shaming them on social media, but showing them if we can teach our little ones some good sleep habits, than a well-rested little one has the flow-on effect of a well-rested family. Which in turn impacts not only our little ones health and well-being, but the entire family.