So many times now and days we are looking for that quick fix or that easy answer. We go onto google, searching, “Why won’t my little one go to sleep?”, “How long should my 6-month-old sleep at night?”, “Why does my son only sleep for half an hour during the day?”, or “Why does my child not sleep.”

Then there are those of you that have already started some sort of sleep training. Either your mother-in-laws or our best friends told you this is how they got their little ones to sleep, so trying precisely what they said, you attempt it, but don’t get the same results. This happens because not all kids are the same and not all parenting styles match.

Or finally, following your doctor’s orders you choose to start to use cry it out with your little ones. Then after weeks of listening to them crying for hours on end, you start asking yourself, am I the only one whose child CIO doesn’t work with?

To understand why it isn’t a quick fix. We need to realize that sleep is biological. When all the factors don’t align, good quality sleep doesn’t come easy. This may be due to our child being hungry, and they just need to eat. When they are overtired, biologically they can’t get into their deep sleep cycles. When the sleep environment isn’t setup correctly, their bodies will not let them go to sleep or sometimes stay asleep.

When I book someone in for a Dream Baby Sleep Consultation, I look at everything through a holistic eye, as such a large variety of things affect sleep.

Some of the Things We Look At:

  • Nap Length and Timing
  • Positive & Negative Sleep Associations
  • Your Little One’s Sleep Environment
  • Do You Have a Bedtime Routine?
  • How Does Your Child Typically Fall Asleep?
  • Is There any Sleep Debt?
  • How is Your Child’s Nutrition Impacting Their Sleep?
  • Nighttime Sleep Habits
  • Are Medical Issues Possibly Influencing Sleep?
  • How Are You Influencing Your Child’s Sleep?

This is what makes Dream Baby different than nearly all other sleep consultants out there. We use my experience as a Pediatric nurse, Certified Sleep Consultant, and Mom of Four to help put together a personalized assessment designed by me for you and your family, which is available with every package.

As leaving a baby or toddler to cry when none of the above has been assessed often leads to hours of crying and very little sleep. No one wants that! Giving parents a general plan or an online video will only get them so far, as in our sleep deprived states as parents, we aren’t always adept to see all the issues that may be contributing to the sleep problems.

New habits take time to form, typically 2-3 weeks, but with a good solid plan, you should see incredible changes in the first 3-5 days.

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