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Newborns need a lot of sleep, on average they need 12 hours overnight (broken with feeds) and between 5-6 hours of sleep a day.
When our newborns sleep their memory and immune system are strengthened, their bones and tissues are repaired, their appetite is regulated and they grow.

After 30 minutes of napping their short term memory is transferred to long-term memory, new brain synapses are formed, vision is sharpened, they process their emotions and their stress is reduced.

If your newborn is falling well short of this, chances are your baby is overtired.


– What to Expect with a Newborn’s Sleep
– Sleep Associations
– How to Settle a Newborn
– When Can My Baby Sleep Through the Night
– Sleep Cycles & When They Become Established
– Light and Its Effects on Sleep
– Importance of Naps
– Tired Signs
– Safe Sleep Practices
– Sleep Schedules for the 1st Twelve Weeks

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