What Would You Pay for an EXTRA Hour of Sleep?

sleep training atozsleepsolutionsOne of the top things on the list for most new parents, when asked about what is the most challenging part of the job, is almost always – lack of sleep. Sleep is so essential at this time, as just like the newborn we learn new skills, experience new things, and have a truckload of responsibilities dropped on us all at once.

A mattress company , headquartered in Houston, Texas, interviewed 2,000 new parents about the challenges of being a first-time mom or dad. To us, here at A to Z Sleep Solutions it was not shocking at all that the new parents said that loss of sleep was at the top of their list 48% of the time. Parents who typically got on average 6-8 hours of sleep before the baby arrived dropped down to below 4 hours on average.

These same parents definitely missed their sleep, as the mattress company’s research, found that on average the new parents would pay out $1598 just for an extra hour of sleep per night. As well on average, the study also showed that it takes 189 days to adjust to being a parent for the first time entirely.

We can read all the books and search endlessly on google to try to find an answer – but what if your little one didn’t fit into that particular mold they were describing. What if you had a stack of parenting/sleep books beside your bed, but due to sleep deprivation couldn’t get past the first few pages? What if you had a toddler/preschooler and just couldn’t be stuck at home all day to fit in the perfect nap and timings?
Here at A to Z Sleep Solutions, we have read all the books for you and we combine that with our experience as counselors, pediatric nurses, teachers, in addition, all of our sleep consultants are fully certified, which is not something that can be said at a majority of the other sleep consultancies. Ask where their certification comes from? Is it a 6-month course or a weekend course? Do they go through continuing education? This is what makes the A to Z Sleep Solutions difference.

The biggest thing of all when you think about who to choose when it comes to sleep consultants, are they able to customize a plan that will truly work for you and your family? Customized to your needs and lifestyle? Personalized to your parenting style and to your little one’s temperament. How long of a plan are they giving you? One that will go through their whole life or one that will get you through the newborn phase? One that will get you through the toddler age? We here at A to Z Sleep Solutions work all the way through five years of age. Still not sure, look through the 100+ reviews, recommendations, and blog posts, we have from moms and the always skeptical dads on Facebook, GoogleYelp, and even more.

So think about it, what would you pay for 1-3 extra hours of sleep or free time a night?

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