toulaSome of us are lucky enough to be born with children that sleep well, yet some of us aren’t so lucky. Some of us are able to cope with two hourly wake-ups over night over a long duration, yet others of us by four months want to return our child back to the stork. Whatever the reason your family starts to look at your child’s sleep, never feel shame or helpless or defeated. As all of us on our parenting journey need help, in some form or another.

With sleep coaching you get a good insight into the science of sleep. Why sleep is such and integral part of development and what are appropriate expectations at every age level. Not all children and families fit in a one size fits all model. So when choosing to sleep coach your child, this is something that needs to be highly considered.

The environment, nutrition, age, and weight of the little one are all parts of what needs to be considered when coming up with a personalized sleep plan. Your daily schedule, whether flexible or routine or whether, stay at-home or working families and most important of all, your parenting style are all aspects that should be considered.

So what I love about sleep coaching is there is no sleep assessment that are identical. Every sleep assessment takes all of the different facets of your child and your family and comes up with a sleep plan that is tailored to your specific needs. Personalized is the key here. You will find that many sleep coaches out there are really of a mind that one size fits all and that the Sleep Coaches have only been trained in one method and one style. Where here at Dream Baby we don’t target or try to fit your child into one scheme or method. We understand that your child’s sleeping issues are unique no matter how little or huge they may seem. I have the experience with all types, the scientific background, as being a pediatric nurse, and certified infant and toddler sleep consultant. I am here to support in any way that you personally need.