#5mythThe final sleep myth of the series is a semi-controversial topic, swaddling. I have heard so many people come tell me, my baby hates to be swaddled or  swaddling is cruel!  To be honest with you your baby doesn’t hate anything, least of all swaddling. It has spent the last trimester being tightly bundled up in your womb.  Swaddling is by far one of the best and most affordable ways to help your little one to settle and sleep.  So swaddling is the best way to help the transition into our world better. If you notice your little one fighting the swaddle, squirming, or trying to break out of the swaddle. This is actually their way of getting comfortable, much like we do in bed before we go to sleep at night and how they used to move about in the womb, while you were pregnant.

Your little one is born with a startle/moro-reflex, which is the main contributor to your little one waking due to startling themselves. If we can wrapped their arms down in the swaddle they are then able to get into a deeper sleep cycle, which will make baby and in turn mommy very happy.

Check out our video below which gives a brief how to on how to swaddle.  When you need more support I have a great newborn package available, just contact me or book it through our packages page.

Learn How to Swaddle Here