This is Your Permission Slip for Self-Care
By Samantha Graham, MS LAC/Sleep Consultant (Glendale, Arizona)


For the mom who just found her watch in the diaper genie; the one who is reheating cold coffee for the fourth time today; the one who broke down crying on the phone with the pediatrician because she could not remember her baby’s birthdate. To the parents who have been sleep deprived, put themselves last, and who do not feel like themselves. I see you. I know you. I’VE BEEN YOU!

In a time when your life revolves around another precious life, I’m advocating for you to add 10 minutes of self-care into your day.

While our incredible team at A to Z Sleep Solutions helps you create a plan for your child’s sleep, it is just as vital for you to put some healthy habits in place for yourself. Of course, your own quality sleep and sleep habits will create an excellent foundation for your physical and emotional health. Adding in even 5-10 minutes per day of other self-care activities will provide numerous health and emotional benefits. Daily self-care creates a buffer for you to handle anything that comes your way. Imagine a bubble around you, built by self-care.

Each time you encounter something frustrating, overwhelming, or anxiety-provoking, it breaks down that bubble and affects you more and more. Without any self-care bubble, all of these difficulties that are normal in daily life can affect you more easily. This makes you vulnerable to emotional overwhelm.

For this reason exactly is why I am advocating for you. Consider this your permission slip. You have permission to take care of yourself. You have permission to stay out ten minutes longer when you have a sitter. You even have permission to ask for help. My hope is that you find your support and use them. Take a look at this list of self-care ideas and plan to do one today.


Self-Care Ideas in 10 minutes or Less:

  • Journal
  • Draw/Color/Paint
  • Call a Friend
  • Take a Walk
  • Sing in the Shower
  • Make a List of People Who Support You
  • Enjoy a cup of Chamomile Tea
  • Bible Study
  • Read
  • Watch a funny YouTube Video (Crosswalk the Musical is My Go-To)
  • Start a Gratitude List
  • Play with a Dog